Staff profile: John Honeysett

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Written By John Fieldsend
John Honeysett

John Honeysett is an Applications Manager at Magicard HQ in Weymouth, Dorset. His long-service and outstanding product knowledge makes him one of the most all-round respected members of the Magicard family.

Tell us about your career history to date:

Prior to joining Magicard I spent eight years in The Royal Navy as a radio and radar engineer for the electronics on aircraft.

How long have you worked at Magicard?

This is my 21st year at the company. When I started it was a very small company, nothing like today. It has been fantastic to see the business evolve into the World leader it is now.

Most people wouldn’t be able to imagine working in one place for that long. You’d think it would get boring. But here, it’s been such a fast-moving environment that every day brings a new challenge, which is remarkable after all this time.

What does your job role involve?

My role has evolved since working at Magicard. To start with I was a repair engineer and was the only person with any knowledge to be able to repair the printers. Dealers and colleagues would call me if they wanted a problem solved without having to send their printer off for repair. From this, I became ‘Tech Support’ and built the department from there to what it is today – the best support team in the industry.

Now, if customers get in touch requesting a bespoke version of one of our printers or integration into a specific application environment –  it’s my job to make it happen. I’ll be the link between the customer and our engineering team to deliver the project on time.

What are the biggest positives about Magicard as an employer?

I like the challenges. I like the fact that you come into work every day and everything is different. I never do the same job on two consecutive days.  I think one of the biggest positives is that, if you want to do something or try something new, nobody will stand in your way. It’s a supportive team like that.

Everyone is trying to improve and help each other. There isn’t really a hierarchy. Everyone, on all levels, helps each other learn.

Is there a particular project you’ve enjoyed working on the most?

I think in terms of engineering projects I’m proud of, I think the design and creation of our Enduro printer was a real milestone for Magicard and myself. It was a big step forward for the business. It’s user-friendly, extremely reliable and after 10 years, it is still our best-selling printer.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

In five years, I’d like to think that I would be running a post-design team for the machines that are in production. Making what are already good machines even better by utilising feedback from both our dealers and end users.