Magicard celebrates new partnership with local UK charity

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Written By John Fieldsend
local UK charity

Weymouth-based Magicard Ltd is pleased to announce a new partnership with Volunteer Centre Dorset.

The charity, which is part of a national network of volunteering centres, recently noted a requirement to make sure all of their members were provided with ID badges.

Volunteer Centre Dorset proudly assists voluntary and community organisations across the county in recruiting and managing their volunteers.

It had been realised that, among other situations, the need for assistance to support the elderly in attending doctor and hospital appointments was growing, and the invaluable service provided by Neighbourhood Car Schemes across the county had Volunteers who a need to identify themselves.

The charity prides itself on promoting volunteering and encouraging people, regardless of age, to get more involved with their community. They needed to find a way to prevent the volunteers from being turned away from healthcare establishments or similar, over security concerns.

Step forward Magicard Ltd, one of the World’s leading manufacturer of ID card printers, headquartered in Weymouth to donate an ID card printer to the volunteer centre.

This way, Dorset Volunteering can issue their own ID cards for all volunteers from their Dorchester HQ. Those who are already signed up to the cause will be able to carry out their generous work without the worry of being turned away.

Paul Tayler, spokesman for Dorset Volunteer Centre, said:

“Thanks to Magicard’s generosity, volunteer organisations across Dorset will have access to I.D. cards, and their volunteers will be able to prove who they are, and which organisation they represent, improving safety and security for all concerned.”

Andy Matko, Managing Director of Magicard Ltd, said:

“It’s fantastic to be able to assist such a great organisation with their work.

“Knowing their generous volunteers can now continue with their hard work without the worry of being turned away is so important. Security is so important and we know that a secure ID card can put so many minds at ease, especially the elderly and their families”.