Magicard 300

Robust, durable, reliable, and equipped with Digital shredding(TM), the Magicard 300 is perfect for schools, colleges, and medium-sized businesses. When it comes to secure ID card printing, you can trust the Magicard 300 to deliver.


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Secure – The Magicard 300 takes advantage of Digital shredding™ which means that once information has been used for a print job, it is fragmented and dispersed, rendering it irrecoverable, a feature developed in response to increasing worldwide demand for regulation of personal information including initiatives such as the European Union’s GDPR requirement.

Trusted identity – A HoloKote® security watermark can be printed across the card surface. The Magicard 300 comes with 3 standard designs and allows you to add up to 3 custom designs such as your company logo, or some other unique security design.

High quality – The Magicard 300 offers a wide colour spectrum and prints at 300 x 300 dpi – great for photographs on ID cards and more accurate depiction of corporate logos and other images.

Easy to use – to get you up and running quickly and easily, the Magicard 300 integrates with existing network infrastructure ‘out of the box’ via USB, minimising set-up time and requiring little technical knowledge.

Flexible – batch print with the interchangeable 100-card feeder or print one-offs or rewritable cards with the hand-feeder. Upgrade a single-sided Magicard 300 to double-sided printing using a simple in-field upgrade kit.

Efficient – The Magicard 300’s firmware analyses the colours sent by the driver and the film type fitted and prints the panels in a sequence so that film panels are not wasted.

Resilient- Built with high-performance purpose-built materials and advanced components, the Magicard 300 is designed and manufactured at Magicard’s centre of excellence for manufacturing in the UK and is backed by 24/7 Technical Support and warranty.

Fast speeds – each full colour, single-sided card, with HoloKote®, can be printed in under 23 seconds while a resin-only version takes fewer than 6 seconds.

Updates and upgrades – The Magicard 300 is easy to keep up-to-date with the latest features and fixes as and when they’re available.


The Magicard 300 is backed by a 3-year limited warranty which includes printhead cover** and direct access to the global Magicard technical support team. A further one-year warranty is available at time of purchase.


* *Available in the UK, EU, North America and other selected territories. 3 years or 250,000 panels limited manufacturer’s warranty. Covers poor workmanship, manufacturing defects and component failure –conditional with use of approved Magicard consumables and observance of correct routine maintenance and frequency.

Magicard 300 specifications

Printer specifications Details  
Print technology Dye sublimation /rewritable
Print speed -full colour up to 160 /hour
Dimensions W215mm, H242mm, L408mm
Weight 4.98kg
Compatibility Windows, Mac OS

Magicard 300 consumables

  Product code Details Capacity
Dye film MC200YMCKO/2 Magicard 300 YMCKO dye film 200
MC100YMCKO/3* Magicard 300 YMCKO dye film 200
MC250YMCKOK/2* Magicard 300 YMCKOK dye film 250
MC300YMCKO/2* Magicard 300 YMCKO dye film 300
MC300YMCKO/3* Magicard 300 YMCKO dye film 300
MC250YMCKOK/3* Magicard 300 YMCKOK dye film 250
MC600KO/2* Magicard 300 KO film 600
MC600KO/3* Magicard 300 KO film 600
Blank cards M9006-793 Premium blank white cards – CR80
M9007-011 Self-adhesive blank white cards – CR80
E9323 Magicard blank rewritable cards front & PVC back
M9006-797 HoloPatch® blank white cards with gold seal and magnetic stripe – CR80
M9006-796 HoloPatch® blank white cards with gold seal – CR80
M9006-794 Blank white cards with magnetic stripe – CR80
M3610-054 Self-adhesive blank white cards – CR80 (USA)
Cleaning kits 3633-0053 Cleaning kit – 10 cleaning cards, 1 pen. 10
3633-0054 Cleaning roller kit – 5 cleaning rollers, 1 metal roller bar 5
(* Region codes; /2 – USA; /3 – Europe, Japan, South Korea and Australasia)

Compare printers

Printer Cards per hour Input / output Warranty Visual security System requirements
Direct to card printers
Rio Pro 360 200+ (100/200) / 70 3 year MagiCoverPlus 10 standard HoloKotes. Optional custom HoloKotes x10 Windows / macOS
Enduro3E 100+ 100 / 30 3 year limited Standard Windows / macOS
Pronto 1 card per 35s Hand-fed 2 year limited Standard Windows / macOS
Magicard 600 190 100 /70 3 years MagiCoverPlus 10 custom HoloKotes Windows / macOS
Magicard 300 156 100 /70 3-year MagiCover Limited 4 custom HoloKotes Windows / macOS
Pronto100 157 50/50 3 years limited Standard Windows / macOS
Reverse transfer printers
Ultima 100+ 200 / 200 3 year UltraCoverPlus Custom and standard Windows / macOS
Prima 8 100+ 100 / 100 3 year UltraCoverPlus UV Windows
Prima 8 with laminator 100+ 100 / 100 3 year UltraCoverPlus UV Windows