TrustID V4

We have partnered with the World's leading ID card software developer to bring you a new edition of Trust ID that is truly best-in-class.
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TrustID V4 features

The flexibility of its feature set works for all ID card applications, irrespective of size. It’s practical for small SMEs, but is also a platform that can be scaled for large projects such as critical infrastructure and airports.

Scalable database integration

The TrustID suite offers a comprehensive range of database connectivity choices. These start with simple CSV and text and include MS Access and MS Excel.

Enterprise level databases such as MYSQL, Oracle and ODBC can be integrated with all Pro editions.

Manage from one location

Our Enterprise editions offer centralised data and license management.

You can store all your card layouts, database connections, printer settings, and more in one location. Having shared data enables all users to have the most current information.

Inline card encoding

All TrustID editions support the writing of electronic data to magnetic stripe cards.

For inline smart card printing and encoding use the Pro-Smart edition for MIFARE Classic® and Pro-Smart+ for MIFARE® DESFire® EV1 or MIFARE® SAM AV2 technologies.

Works with any printer, any card

Although it is optimised for Magicard range of secure ID card printers, TrustID will work with most other ID issuance hardware. Text is crisp and images are vibrant.

The software can also be used to encode both magnetic stripe and contactless or contact chip smart cards.

Support for all your ID peripherals

TrustID supports a wide range of devices. Photos can be added using webcams, scanners and Canon digital cameras.

Signature capture is available on most editions, with face recognition available on Pro licenses. Pro Smart editions include biometric capture, storage and verification.

A unique experience for each user

With the powerful user profile feature, you can customise permissions of what each user can see and do when they login to TrustID.

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TrustID V4 documents and downloads

The files and downloads below are for information purposes for the TrustID V4
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  • Description: User friendly, professional card design and issuance software

2nd May 2023