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Written By John Fieldsend

Smart cards, with their embedded electronic chip, can be loaded with applications that store important personal information. This can be anything from an electronic version of the photograph displayed on the card, through to important information such as health records and insurance details.

In circumstances where more information might be needed to identify or correctly respond to an individual, a smart card’s chip can be securely scanned to show vital information such as driving endorsements, criminal records or dependents. In a health-related scenario a card could contain insurance information as well as details of allergies, blood type and medication details or even details of a next-of-kin.

Here are some examples of where data securely held on a card is particularly useful:


The chip on a multi-application student ID smart card can be used to securely store important personal information including details of next of kin, emergency contacts and medical information such as blood group, allergies or details about medication.

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The embedded electronic chip within patient ID smart cards or those issued by a health insurer can be used to store important information about the individual. As well as information about their health insurance scheme allowances, health-related information such as blood group, allergies and medications can be all be written to the card. This can be read at the bedside or in an emergency situation by a health professional equipped with an appropriate mobile or card reader. During periods like the COVID-19 pandemic, cards have been used to store people’s vaccination records.

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Public sector

Cards can be programmed with personal information for authorised personnel to scan to access detail such as driving endorsements, criminal records and citizens’ rights.

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