Ultima retransfer card printer

Powered by a high-grade processing unit with an impressive array of features, Ultima is ideal for the localised or centralised issue of high-volumes of secure smart cards.


Card printer options:

Card encoding options:

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Print ID cards or payment card in high volumes

Photo-quality over-the-edge retransfer printing

Unlike the standard dye sublimation process, your card design is first printed on a clear film; that film is then adhered to the card surface. This process gives you a higher definition print quality and allows you to print successfully even on smart cards with uneven surfaces. It also gives you additional card durability and tamper-resistance so the cards will last longer.

Print custom holokote watermark on your ID cards

Secure ID Cards with Magicard HoloKote®

The Ultima prints a secure watermark across the face of every card– the first reverse transfer printer to offer this.

Choose from 10 standard patterns of Secure HoloKote®, or create your own custom image as a watermark. UV print option also available.

 Backed by the industry’s best 3 year warranty*

3 years MagiCoverPlus limited manufacturer’s warranty covering electronic/electrical failure and bad workmanship. A loan printer will be provided should the above situation occur and Technical Support are unable to resolve the problem (UK, EU and North America only).


Photo-quality over-the-edge retransfer printing

Offering reverse transfer printing with built-in visual security, the Magicard Ultima ID card printer is a powerful addition to the Magicard line of printers. With its quick print speeds, large 200-card hopper, high yield 1,000 print ribbons and an easy-to-use touch screen interface, this printer is ideal for large organisations looking for efficient card printing.

Ultima enables you to print up to 100 high definition full colour cards per hour. The quality of print means staff can quickly and easily identify the facial features on ID cards for comparison against the holder. This makes it the ideal solution for drivers’ licences, national ID cards and other cards where security is paramount.

The Ultima retransfer printer comes with built-in visual security via the use of up to 10 secure HoloKote® watermarks. That means that if you choose to do so, you can distinguish different departments with a separate holographic design. For additional built-in security, Ultima exploits the wavelengths of the dye-film so it can fluoresce under UV lighting.

High capacity consumables (1000 prints) and hoppers, combined with a range of encoding options to write secure electronic data to the card, make the Ultima ideal for high volume localised or centralised issuance of secure smart cards.

Printer Details  
Print technology 300dpi retransfer, 256 colour depth level (8Bit)
Feed system Gravity with auto card thickness adjustment
Card capacity 200 input / 200 output
Single-sided printing
Double-sided printing
Display TFT LCD panel, Size: 4.3 inch, Resolution: 480×272,
Resistive touchscreen
Visual Security Details  
Standard HoloKote with UV A choice of 10 standard designs
Custom HoloKote with UV Ordered separately
Encoding / variants Details  
Magnetic stripe ISO 7811 – tracks 1, 2 and 3, JIS2
Contact ISO 7816 and EMV
Contactless MIFARE®, DESFire®, Pro, iClass®.
Other encoders available, see encoder compatibility matrix
Connectivity and drivers Details  
Operating systems Windows / OS X / Linux
USB 2.0 connection
10/100 BASE-T Ethernet
Warranty Details  
3 year MagiCoverPlus* 3 years MagiCoverPlus or 250,000 panels limited manufacturer’s warranty covering electronic/electrical failure and bad workmanship. A loan printer will be provided should the above situation occur and Technical Support are unable to resolve the problem (UK, EU and North America only).
Print speed Details  
Colour up to 100 cards per hour
Accepted cards Details  
Card sizes CR80 (ISO/IEC7810) 85.6mm x 54mm / 3.375″ x 2.125″
Card types PVC, PET, PC, PVH, ABS
Card thickness 30 mil (0.76) to 50 mil (1.27)
Printer specifications Details  
Printer weight 16.74kg (36.90 lbs).
Printer size 334mm L x 458mm W x 431mm H (13.14” L x 18.03” W x 16.96” H).
Environmental operating range Sheltered office environment 10°C to 30°C (50°F to 85°F).
Power source External power supply 100-240V 50-60Hz autoranging.
Printer variants Details Product code
Ultima Uno Single-sided printer 3680-0001
Ultima Duo Double-sided printer 3680-0021

Ultima consumables

  Product code Details Capacity
Re-Transfer dye films HE1000YMCK Ultima YMCK dye film 1000 images
HE750YMCKK Ultima YMCKK dye film 750 images
SET-HE4000 Ultima YMCK dye film set 4x YMCK and 4x RT Films, 4000 images
Re-Transfer HoloKote® film HE750YMCKS Ultima YMCKS Secure HoloKote dye film 750
SET-HE3000S Ultima YMCKS Secure HoloKote film set 4x YMCKS and 3x RT Films
Retransfer film HE1000RT Ultima retransfer film 1000 images
Retransfer cleaning kit E9887 Ultima Cleaning Kit 10x pads and cards

Compare printers

Printer Cards per hour Input / output Warranty Visual security System requirements
Direct to card printers
Rio Pro 360 200+ (100/200) / 70 3 year MagiCoverPlus 10 standard HoloKotes. Optional custom HoloKotes x10 Windows / Mac OS X
Enduro3E 100+ 100 / 30 3 year limited Standard Windows / Mac OS X
Pronto 1 card per 35s Hand-fed 2 year limited Standard Windows / Mac OS X
Magicard 600 190 100 /70 3 years MagiCoverPlus 10 custom HoloKotes Windows / Mac OS X
Magicard 300 156 100 /70 3-year MagiCover Limited 4 custom HoloKotes Windows / Mac OS X
Reverse transfer printers
Ultima 100+ 200 / 200 3 year UltraCoverPlus Custom and standard Windows / Mac OS X
Prima 8 100+ 100 / 100 3 year UltraCoverPlus UV Windows
Prima 8 with laminator 100+ 100 / 100 3 year UltraCoverPlus UV Windows