LOCAL GOVERNMENT: Providing citizens with access to services

Magicard partner, ACSS ID Systems has been working with local government offices across Poland for more than 20 years. They have supplied approximately 125 Magicard ID card printers to issue smart cards, providing thousands of citizens with access to beneficial services. These include Public Transport, Large Family and Residence cards, either as standalone or combined into one.

Fundamental to providing these services is keeping people’s personal data safe. The Magicard 300 and Magicard 600 smart card printers are equipped with superior security functions such as the HoloKote watermark, smart card encoding and digital shredding to support compliance.


Large family card

Since 2014, families with three or more children have the right to hold a Large Family Card. Across forty municipalities, there are 50 Magicard printers which programme cards with personal data appropriate to that family. These cards grant families access to:

• discounts on children’s activities organised by municipal cultural institutions
• discounts on meals
• discounts on sports and recreation activities
• children’s public transport
• discounts at petrol stations

“The Large Family Card is an important instrument supplementing the family policy. Discounts for its holders make it possible to relieve large families whose expenses connected, among others, with the purchase of food take up large part of the household budget,” Elżbieta Rafalska, Minister of Family, Labour and Social Policy.

Residence card

Revenues to local government budgets depend on the number of taxpayers paying their taxes to local tax offices. However, as people move around, go to university for instance or move away for work, they still feel connected to their family home and have been settling their taxes there out of habit. Local government had to persuade new residents to pay taxes in the place where they actually lived.

The Residence card was introduced to encourage local payment of taxes. It allows citizens to take advantage of a wide range of discounts, rebates, and bonuses and any company operating in the jurisdiction can become a partner. Twenty-five municipalities use 27 Magicard printers to personalise Residence cards, issued to residents paying their taxes to the appropriate local Tax Office.

Public transport card

Thirty municipalities use 48 Magicard printers to issue season tickets for use on public transport. The contactless smart cards are pre-printed with (eg) the local coat of arms, leaving a space to print an ID photo and personal information. Data can be encoded to the card’s memory as required.


Some local government bodies have combined the functions of the Residence Card and the City Transport Card and more are expected to follow. Every day, Magicard printers in municipalities and cities across Poland help provide citizens with access to beneficial services.


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