EDUCATION: Enrolment and access to services

The University of Northampton built Waterside Campus, which includes full range of cutting-edge learning and education environments. Each year it houses around 15,000 students, members of staff, contractors and visitors. Site security is one of its selling points.

Magicard partner ID Card Centre provided the expertise to maximise the university’s existing systems by seamlessly linking them to the enrolment and access control systems for the new campus.

The new processes arising from moving from an open-access site to a secure environment needed to be largely automated. Staff would administer access control for the first time, so ease and speed of use were vital. Uninterrupted data flow from the student Management Information System (MIS) and the smartcard-issuing solution was essential. The university needed an end-to-end card management printing, encoding and activation solution.

Importantly, the university’s existing system was adapted rather than having to build a new structure from scratch. Some extra licences were added, along with a connector, so that data could flow into the access control scheme from multiple sources. This enabled a security role and profile to be generated for each person, and each ID card was encoded with permissions at the time of
printing using Magicard devices. In many other organisations encoding is a separate process so this efficiency:

1. Halved the potential admin burden of card production
2. Ensured the cards were instantly activated when they were issued rather than subsequent activation via an online reader.


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