Environmental conscience

Written By John Fieldsend

Designed-in recyclabilityenvironmental conscience

We’re constantly on the look out to explore ways to reduce /offset our carbon footprint. The latest in this effort has been the release of the Pronto100 which marks the advent of our commitment to manufacturing and packaging using over 75% recycled or recyclable material supporting our approach to environmental conscience – and we’re not stopping there.

Global outlook on environmental conscience

OneTreePlanted is a non-profit organisation that plants trees around the world. Their mission is to reforest the planet, one tree at a time. They also seek to raise awareness of the importance of trees and motivate younger generations to do something positive for the environment. We want to help.

That’s why, since 2018, every Magicard printer bought in your region allows us to build up a kitty which will determine the number of trees that can be planted on our behalf.

During each region’s rainy season, OneTreePlanted will take the money we’ve raised so far and put it towards a reforestation project in the regions we’ve selected. Since 2018, in conjunction with One Tree Planted, we have planted more than 30,000 trees resulting in CO2 offset of 660 tonnes p.a.

So now you know, that with each Magicard printer you purchase, you’re helping us plant one more tree in your region, helping to create a healthier world for nature, humanity and wildlife.