What makes a good staff photo?

If an ID card is used to prove someone’s identity, it follows that it should be a clear and professional likeness of the person carrying it – otherwise it’s not doing its job. The idea is that the image on the card is a true and “best version” in order that it can act as a verifiable comparison. There should be no distractions. Here we look at some things to avoid when taking a photo for visual access:





Avoid cluttered, busy, patterned backdrops which can be distracting. Avoid harsh, high contrast and distorted coloured lighting. Avoid exaggerated smiles, looking away from the camera and uncomfortable expressions. Avoid skin tone clothing, as this can wash out the face and highly patterned clothing which can be distracting.

So what makes a good photo?

Background – Use a plain, neutral, light coloured wall.
Lighting – Try to use natural daylight from a window source.
Expression – A natural, relaxed smile, looking towards the camera lens.
Attire – Wear plain, smart clothing.