Pronto100: the fastest, smallest, best quality ID card printer in its class – with an environmental conscience.

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Written By John Fieldsend

We’re proud to launch the smallest, fastest, best quality ID printer in its class. The Pronto100 is a ground-breaking device optimised with remote management and built with an environmental conscience.

Pronto100 FASTSmall size, high speed and superior quality: At only L309mm x H208mm x W179mm and 2.9kg, the Pronto100 has the smallest footprint in the ID card printer market but despite its small size, it prints quality full colour cards out of the box in only 18 seconds; the fastest of its kind.

Broad support: Its simplicity allows for plug-and-play set up and for it to be significantly low-maintenance so there is need for very little technical intervention or support.

Security: Like its bigger stablemates, the Magicard 300 and Magicard 600, the Pronto100 is equipped with Magicard’s ‘Digital Shredding’ function which renders data sent to the printer unreadable after use – contributing to users’ data security and enhancing compliance with international regulations such as GDPR.

Of course, the Pronto100 comes with Magicard’s pioneering HoloKote feature, allowing a security watermark to be printed across the card surface. The Pronto 100 comes with 3 standard designs. When used with HoloPatch® cards, one area of the HoloKote watermark can be highlighted as a high visibility security seal.

environmental conscienceEnvironmental conscience: Magicard has adopted the environment as a significant point of differentiation for its products whilst also protecting the planet in the long-term. The Pronto100 marks a start of a move by Magicard towards devices which have a high level of recyclability built-in as it is manufactured and packaged using up to 75% recycled or recyclable material.

Whether through carbon offset or actively seeking to reduce the footprint of individual products, Magicard’s commitment is driven by recognition of the importance of environmental issues to consumers worldwide. This development where we focus on the environment as a strategy is in addition to our support of OneTreePlanted where we plant a tree for every printer sold. To date, Magicard has paid for the planting of 30,000 trees giving a potential CO2 offset of 660 tonnes p.a. This equates to the annual mileage of 150 cars or every journey undertaken by Magicard’s global workforce for both personal and professional purposes.

Remote management and control: The remote user interface allows activity to be monitored and controlled from any desktop on the network or the user’s mobile device, providing a clear view of analytics and data about printer operation.

Peace of mind: The Pronto100 is backed by a 3-year limited warranty which includes printhead cover and direct access to the global Magicard technical support team. It is available in North America, Europe, Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand via selected Magicard partners. Check with your local Magicard dealer regarding availability in your country.

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