What is a HoloPatch?

Product News
Written By John Fieldsend

Card security with HoloPatchUnique to Magicard, HoloPatch cards have a highly reflective gold ‘super diffuser’ seal. When a HoloKote secure watermark is printed on to the seal, the watermark becomes clearly visible under all lighting conditions.

HoloKote with HoloPatch has a similar appearance to hologram seals, providing a visible security mark allowing a security guard or colleague to easily verify badge authenticity from a distance -even in daylight.

A HoloPatch is also a barrier to counterfeiting as the distinctive gold patch built into one corner of the card makes it easy to tell if a card is authentic.

Magicard have put together an in depth guide to creating your ideal custom HoloKote design for your cards: Guide to creating great custom HoloKotes®.