The availability of fake ID cards

It’s sad but true. High-quality fake IDs are now easily available to purchase online.

It’s becoming easier to get hold of equipment that aids the creation of ID cards. Criminals can buy card printing accessories that fit an ordinary Inkjet printer and which deliver a cheap, insecure version of an ID card.

For organisations or businesses which use cards to signal membership or employment, the risk posed by fake ID is very real.

To the untrained eye, fake IDs can be used to hire cars, purchase alcohol or other age-protected products as well as convey fake membership of clubs and organisations and give access to loyalty points and even admittance to office buildings. Some obviously fake IDs available to buy online are advertised purely based on their ability to replicate security features.

Of course, even the best fake IDs can be detected but it is often the untrained, or unwary eye that lets such cards slip through the net. Organisations must train their staff to look out for fakes – regular updates and changes in design can stop the fraudsters in their tracks by making your cards difficult to copy or hard to keep up to date with.

It is the responsibility of your organisation to design an access card that is difficult to duplicate. So, making sure you are equipped with the most secure ID/ card printer is essential for this.

Professional ID card printers, such as those in the Magicard range, offering security measures like HoloKote®, Custom HoloKote® and HoloPatch®, all of which can be used to foil the criminals in their attempts to copy your cards.

If you want to find out more, take a look at our Whitepaper: The Menace of Fake IDs





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