Printing ID cards via an ID card printer VS an Inkjet printer

Written By John Fieldsend

As the need for ID cards around the world grows, so does the number of ways you can create them.

Recently, kits have been launched which make it possible for home inkjet printers to print onto PVC cards. Of course, this is a cheap option, but we should look at how this compares to printing an ID card on a specially designed card printer which comes with security built-in.

Inkjet printer

Cheap to set up and print: If you own an inkjet printer at home, chances are you’ll be able to get hold of a specific tray that allows you to print on the cards in a similar way you’d print on paper.

Downsides: Security options are limited, the average kit will only allow you to print a card at a time so printing more than 10 will take more time than you will wish to spend – allowing mistakes to creep into your process potentially making your cards even less secure.

Print quality is also an issue, the home printer ink will lay on top of the card which means it can be easily rubbed off, creating a potential for fraud and requiring more frequent replacement.

ID card printer

Printing technique – Dye sublimation. This is the process of imprinting colour onto the surface of the card by the way of tiny pinpricks. This provides a more durable and colour-rich result.

More security options – Many ID printers have security options built-in. Magicard printers offer the patented, original HoloKote and Custom HoloKote security features as well as holograms and lamination.

Printer life – The average lifespan of an ID card printer is 5 years. Some have seen theirs last longer! How long does your standard inkjet printer last? 12 months, less?

Digital Shredding – Information sent to a Magicard printer such as the Magicard 300 and 600 is fragmented once the job is complete rendering it irrecoverable. This helps to ensure the printers are not a repository for data. This is an important security consideration for most businesses in the age of GDPR.

If you’re looking to create robust, highly secure cards that are counterfeit-proof then using a specifically designed ID card printer is the only way to be confident in the results.

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