Survey reveals UK offices aren’t meeting basic level of security

Written By John Fieldsend
basic level of security

Many office buildings around the country aren’t meeting a basic level of security, according to a recent study.

A poll of 2,000 Brits has revealed that less than half of offices in the UK require their staff to wear ID badges to gain entry to their buildings.

Even more surprisingly businesses considered to be ‘large enterprises’ fared no better in the findings with many requiring no ID at all.

The study was commissioned by UK-based manufacturer, Magicard to mark the launch of its new Rio Pro 360 desktop ID card printer.

The survey also found that of the 47 per cent of businesses that require an ID badge, one in five badges are simply photo IDs and have no additional functionality, such as door entry, IT access or payments.

Andy Cornelius Technical Director at Magicard said:

“We were quite surprised by the results of this survey, as most workplaces should at the very least be using ID badges for access to buildings and facilities.”

“With cyber-crime becoming more prevalent, using identity to protect and manage access to IT equipment and company networks is also now becoming just as important.”

The study also revealed that one in five universities don’t require their students to wear a form of ID badge to gain access to their buildings – leaving them open to possible danger from unauthorised personnel on their sites.

Andy Cornelius continued:

“It might be that many don’t realise how easy it is to issue their own secure IDs on site.

“Magicard desktop printers are plug-and-play, easy to use and can be connected to a laptop or network just as you would your office paper printer. Secure, full-colour ID cards can cost as little as 30p per card – less than half the price of a first-class stamp”

“Magicard’s new Rio Pro 360 printer is its fastest and most intelligent printer to date. It is perfectly suited to print high-quality cards, so an ID badge scheme in an office environment or university can be quickly and easily rolled out.”