Applications for ID #1: ID in Healthcare

Written By John Fieldsend
Applications for ID Healthcare

An ID card isn’t “just” an ID card. As we’ve seen from our recent blog series, there are many uses: photo ID, physical access, data, time and attendance, logical access, payments and loyalty and membership to mention a few.

In this new series, we take a look at how these ways to use a card are applied across different industries. We’re starting with Healthcare.

In a healthcare facility, the key areas to protect are patients, staff and data. You need to make it harder for people to gain access to places they’re not entitled to, keep patient information and records private and issue accurate proof of identity quickly and easily. Here’s how Healthcare makes use of different types of card.

The importance of upholding the security of assets, buildings, staff, patients and – increasingly -data, is fundamental to a healthcare facility. Not only do they have a responsibility for personal safety, but also to protect patient records.

Healthcare providers can limit the number of staff who can access personal patient records and health information. Each secure ID card from Magicard can grant individual access to digital format files; important and private information can be held securely.

The ability to quickly issue ID cards is a fast and effective way to make sure all staff, visitors and patients have the proper identification issued quickly and easily. Our solutions eliminate the time required by traditional methods to process and print.

Here are some examples:

Photo ID

Visual identity within a medical facility is important. Staff IDs reassure a patient who they are dealing with, patients need to be easily identified and only appropriate visitors should be granted entry to wards. ID cards with secure visual identity features such as a HoloKote watermark can facilitate this. A desktop ID card printer at the reception desk can be used to instantly issue secure IDs to all incoming patients, contractors and visitors

Physical access

Both employee smart ID cards, patient ID and instantly issued visitor cards can be used to grant access to secure areas within a medical facility including ward access, associated with pre-defined visiting times. Access is typically granted using a card reader linked to a physical access control system (PACS).


The embedded electronic chip within patient ID smart cards or those issued by a health insurer can be used to store important information about the individual. As well as information about their health insurance scheme allowances, health-related information such as blood group, allergies and medications can be all be written to the card. This can be read at the bedside or in an emergency situation by a health professional equipped with an appropriate mobile card reader.

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