Stunning creations made from used dye film in South Africa.

Written By John Fieldsend
Stunning creations made from used dye film

On a recent visit to one of our valued Magicard Authorised Dealers, Doculam in South Africa, Phil Reynolds came across some amazing artwork made by one of their employees. Amazing, because they are not only beautiful pieces of art, but also made with recycled printer ribbon too.

The craft artist, Dinah Cele, has worked at Doculam as a card print specialist for over 20 years. Dinah is trained in Export Planning, Marketing, Swot and Business Planning. After seeing her mother making beautiful mats out of plastic bags, Dinah was inspired by the colour combinations that the printer dye film creates and started making small bags and hats in her spare time, eventually moving on to make impressive bowls and even clothes. At first glance these beautiful pieces of art look like they are made from beads but on closer inspection you can see that the film is crocheted onto a wire frame to form the structure. Here at Magicard HQ, the pots are a constant talking point, we are in awe of Dinah's talent and dedication to not only making these items but in teaching others her talent too. Dinah teaches her craft to children during the school holidays. She is a dedicated and committed person who puts other people first, working with learners with various physical and intellectual abilities.

Dinah has been recognised by various organisations for her work, inviting her to tell her story to encourage others to keep our environment clean.

What a fantastic way to involve the community and develop livelihoods by creating a wide variety of handcrafted African styled products using recycled materials, keep up the good work Dinah.

Follow Dinah on Facebook @ Dinah’s Craft Work.

We see huge value in Dinah’s skill and willingness to give back to the community so have actively supported her in this initiative for many years now. Doculam support various other educational drives in South Africa as we believe education to be one of the most fundamental tools to developing our under skilled and disadvantaged youth.

Doculam’s Managing Director by Shaun Stanley