Initiate, interrogate, synchronise printer operations with the Magicard SDK

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Written By John Fieldsend
Magicard SDK

The Magicard SDK lets you link your Magicard ID card printer with your own application, allowing your users to design their own cards, encode and print from one place. They can add images, shapes, lines and text to a card design, perfect for branding something like your access control system. The Magicard SDK shows how you can add these items in both colour and resin (black), ensuring the best printed results.

By being able to synchronise in this way, inter-app communication is vastly improved, creating a quicker route to both developing the final application as well as the end result.

As it allows you to change printer and driver settings directly from your application, the Magicard SDK lets you retain the “feel” of your own software. You can keep your own unique User Interface while making the most of the powerful options available with the Magicard printer driver.

SDK is able to connect with printers over USB, Ethernet and Wi-Fi (if available), allowing for total control and versatility.

The Magicard SDKThe Magicard SDK allows applications to:

  • Perform basic printing operations
  • Initiate and control printer operations
  • Synchronise the operation of the printer
  • Interrogate and change settings of the printer
  • Interrogate and change settings of the driver

Our helpful User Guide allows for a simple and intuitive place to start for developers, giving full control across the range of existing and legacy printers from a single set of commands, again reducing the time of development.

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12th Mar 2020

Magicard SDK
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12th Mar 2020