Magicard K self-service card printer

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Written By John Fieldsend

The need for cards is becoming more prevalent every year. Cards printed and programmed by the Magicard K are ready for use across several applications and industries. Its wide colour spectrum and enhanced security will allow you to protect and secure your business or organisation. The Magicard K is one of our most durable and reliable printers to date. Focused on meeting the needs of customers in the self-service and kiosk markets, the Magicard K incorporates all of Magicard’s direct to card printing expertise in a customisable package which can be configured to suit an infinite range of applications.

Magicard KBuilt with high performance materials, the Magicard K is kiosk-agnostic so is able to fit a wide range of kiosks currently on the market. It has been designed to facilitate mounting close to other mechanisms and access points, reducing the need for additional interfacing modules or attachments to transport cards. Our customer-focused product development, experience of customisation and world-class technical support services enable us to deliver bespoke product packages to match each customer’s needs. The Magicard K is perhaps the most flexible printer available to operators in the self-service and kiosk markets.

Field test results

As part of the Magicard K’s field testing, several examples of the printer were used within locations ranging from high-street retail outlets toKIOSK Slaes entertainment venues.

During our tests, every customer experienced immediate benefits: for example, in one 30-day period, one kiosk in a single store saw a 550% increase in gift card sales and a further 100% increase in associated in-store spend – customers literally doubled their purchases when using a gift card. Importantly, the financial return from this machine in one month was equivalent to the full purchase price of the kiosk and printer.


Magicard K features:

The Magicard K uses our Clix™ remote user interface to give you the ultimate control over your printer estate, facilitating remote issue monitoring and evaluation as well as providing instant updates on supplies status.

Equipped with a wide colour spectrum; it also comes with the pioneering HoloKote feature, originally developed by Magicard, allowing for the application of a secure watermark to every ID card.

Configurable ejection – The ejection speed and angle of the Magicard K is customisable enabling the printer to suit fitment in a wide range of kiosks.

Magicard K in kioskHigh quality – The Magicard K has a wide colour spectrum making each print vibrant and colour-rich – perfect for photographs on ID cards and a more accurate depiction of corporate logos and other images.

Configurable reject location – Defective cards, such as those which have failed to properly encode, can be ejected to a configurable reject location outside the unit.

Low media sensor – If required, the user can be alerted should the amount of cards in the input hopper fall below a certain level.

Card present sensor – The Magicard K has an additional output sensor which detects whenever a card has been presented to the user and manages removal or subsequent withdrawals if the card is not taken within a pre-determined time.

Digital shreddingOnce data has been used in a print job, it is fragmented, rendering irrecoverable, helping to ensure the Magicard K is not a repository for data.

Trusted security – The Magicard K has the ability to print an anti-fraud HoloKote watermark on every card. It also has the ability to receive up to four anti-fraud customised HoloKotes® direct to the printer via Magicard’s web tool.

Clix™ – Control your printer from the web browser on a phone, tablet or desktop when the printer is connected to a network.

The Magicard K is available from certified Magicard dealers and is backed by a two-year warranty which includes printhead cover and direct access to the global Magicard Technical Support team.

More information can be found here.

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