Geiger butchers Case Study: Food safe, eye-catching and easy to produce labelling

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Written By John Fieldsend
Geiger butchers

See how Geiger is making the most of their Magicard Pronto100 supplied by our partner, Heyden-Securit.


Geiger butchers Case StudyThe Geiger butchers in Rheine are genuinely passionate people who practise their craft expertly on a daily basis. Nicole and Frank Geiger have been living the tradition since 1988 and have preserved the long-standing profession proudly and with care and precision.

The focus is on quality with a solid emphasis on animal welfare and husbandry while celebrating the region’s extraordinary products to provide an unforgettable taste experience. For them, it was important that their produce was displayed to their customers clearly and professionally to reflect the quality of the brand.

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Geiger butchers in Rheine Case Study
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27th Apr 2023