Magicard 300 -why?

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Written By John Fieldsend
Magicard 300 security

You may ask why we’re introducing the Magicard 300. In simple terms, the Magicard 300 builds on our portfolio's tried and tested reliability and durability – we're just keeping things up to date.

Magicard 300Apart from the sleek state-of-the art styling, here are just some of the reasons to upgrade:


Digital shredding – once data has been used for the print job, it is fragmented, rendering it irrecoverable, helping to ensure the Magicard 300 is not a repository for data. This is particularly significant as regulations around data protection and confidentiality become more stringent.

Digitally-delivered HoloKotes® – Manual HoloKotes® are a thing of the past with the Magicard 300. We’ve updated the standard designs AND now you have the added benefit of storing up to 3 custom HoloKotes® – to reflect your brand or denote a specific department, for example.

Advanced electronics

Resilience built-in: Built with high performance purpose-built materials and advanced components

Efficiency: Printer firmware analyses the colours sent by the driver and the film type fitted and print the panels in sequence so the film panels are not wasted.

Faster speeds: The Magicard 300 prints at a rate of 180 full colour single-sided cards per hour

Improved connectivity: USB2.0 High Speed & Ethernet as standard and can integrate most third-party applications held locally or in the cloud

Improved print quality: create more vibrant and colour rich prints than ever before – which on an ID card means a truer representation of the subject

Smoother integration: integrate with existing network infrastructure ‘out of the box’, minimising set-up time and requiring limited technical knowledge making it quick and easy to get the printer up and running.

The Magicard 300 is still as durable and reliable as the old faithful models. It’s still as easy to use but the market is ready for a new leader.