Heide Park Soltau: a season ticket to a world of fun

Written By John Fieldsend
heide park

About Heide Park Soltau

The Heide Park Resort is North Germany’s largest leisure and short break adventure park, where you can experience more than 30 attractions specifically for children under 10 years and the ultimate adrenalin-rush on large roller coasters.

It features a Dreamworks “How to train your dragon” themed-world, Ghostbusters 5D, Peppa Pig Land and many more attractions such as six large roller coasters to provide the ultimate rush for all adrenalin junkies.

The Heide Park Adventure Hotel feature interactive themed rooms which become unique adventure playgrounds for younger guests.


The Heide Park Resort welcomes 2 million visitors a year and needs to issue 1,000 season tickets on demand. In order to maintain efficiency and support excellent customer service, the park needed multiple printers which offered speed, trusted security and quality.


Magicard partner, Heyden-Securit provides Heide Park with 10 Magicard Rio Pro 360 Duo card printers to respond to the huge rush of visitors during the main season. To make it possible to print out more additional cards, the printers have a 200-card feed tray.


The Rio Pro 360 is able to programme and print full colour cards in under 20 seconds. Operation is also possible without any previous specialist training due to its fast, uncomplicated installation and LED colour display.

The plastic cards are pre-printed using an offset printing method. Employees at the box office print the name of the annual ticket holder and a pin-sharp passport photo onto the pass, using the passport photo ribbon. This enables plastic cards to be personalised in seconds.

If they so choose, The Heide Park resort could use the Rio Pro 360 to add a secure watermark to the cards to increase security and to make them even more forgery-proof. The watermark is printed at the end of the printing process onto the annual card in the customer-specific design. This HoloKote can only be seen from a certain angle and reproduction is practically impossible.