Is there a need for ID cards in Education?

Identity card solutions in the education sector do more than just provide visual security. If leveraged correctly, they can help provide a secure and efficient environment for learning.


For example, in a nursery, children’s ID credentials should identify them as individuals and put stops and checks in place against unauthorised individuals fetching them from school thereby enhancing their safety. On the other hand, for a university student, their ID credentials should give them access to various facilities on the campus, including library networks, the ability to make payments in the cafeteria and to hold details of sports and social club memberships for example.

Why is this sector unique?

  • One user, multiple roles -different access and privileges that need to be configured with their ID credentials. consider not only teachers and pupils, but also parents, visitors, parents who are also students….
  • Huge inflow and outflow of users in the system – need to facilitate quick and automated provisioning/termination of access on the campus. It also needs to cater to temporary guests like substitute teachers or students taking online courses.
  • Diverse user profiles -identity system must be simple enough to provide a good user experience for both a 5-year-old and a 50-year-old
    and yet be complex enough to meet different provisioning requirements

Key applications for ID

  • Access control – is this student or member of staff allowed in this part of
    the building or campus?
  • Attendance monitoring – record attendance automatically, allow for classroom clock-in /-out and in the event of a student going
  • Making payments – students can pay for food in the cafeteria or purchase on-site print services without having to carry cash with them
  • Improved processes – instantly replace lost or damaged badges, complete with full colour photo, a signature, a barcode and can even have a programmable smart chip for electronic security.

ID cards  within an educational establishment help protect not only people and property, but also information associated with individuals.

You can read more in the full whitepaper, along with real-world case studies here

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