Whitepaper: ID Management in Education

Written By John Fieldsend
ID in education

Identity card solutions in the education sector do more than just provide visual security. If leveraged correctly, they can help provide a secure and efficient environment for learning.

ID in educationFor example, in a nursery, children’s ID credentials should identify them as individuals and put stops and checks in place against unauthorised individuals fetching them from school thereby enhancing their safety. On the other hand, for a university student, their ID credentials should give them access to various facilities on the campus, including library networks, the ability to make payments in the cafeteria and to hold details of sports and social club memberships for example.

The reality however is that there is a dearth of effective ID management solutions in the education sector and this holds true from nursery to tertiary levels. There are quite a few challenges that make implementation of ID management solutions in education a daunting prospect starting with the fact that there is no ‘one-size fits all’ solution.

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18th Jun 2020