Card solutions for efficient transport networks

Written By John Fieldsend
Driving license

Today, we're looking at how ID cards can improve the efficiency of travel - for both the transport company and the passengers, helping with access, season ticket and in-service payments.

Physical access cards

Smart cards, often based upon a MIFARE platform, are widely used for prepaid ticketing or for weekly, monthly or annual passes. These cards can be issued at the hub itself using a desktop ID card printer fitted with the appropriate smart card encoder. Cards can generally be topped up using kiosks located at the hub. Some transport networks are now permit EMV issued payment cards with contactless technology for instant payment at smart turnstiles. Learn more about Physical access cards

Photo ID cards

Season tickets should be printed with a secure visual identifier to ensure they are being used by the permitted individual and are not being passed from person to person. Cards can be personalised with a photograph at the point of issuance, this can be backed up with a UV printed image or a tamper-proof visual security element such as a HoloKote watermark. Learn more about Photo ID.

Payments cards

For convenience, efficiency and speed, many transport smart ticketing solutions now also have a payment application loaded on the chip of the smart card. This enables passes to be used for low value contactless payments at transport hubs for items such as food, beverages and newspapers. Learn more about Payment Cards.

Watch the case study of cards in action at Munster Osnabruck airport.