Built-in security – now and looking ahead

Product News
Written By John Fieldsend

Identity and security go hand-in-hand. We at Magicard are already known for developing our pioneering HoloKote technology to apply a secure watermark to each ID card during the printing process. This feature exploits the wavelengths and lens effect of the film to fluoresce under UV lighting conditions.

Then came the Custom HoloKote which allows for the registered creation of a personalised HoloKote watermark into the standard print process. This watermark could be an organisation’s logo, or some other unique security design.

Extended from HoloKote is HoloPatch®. These are cards with a highly reflective gold ‘super diffuser’ seal. When the HoloKote watermark is printed on to the seal, the watermark becomes clearly visible under all lighting conditions. HoloKote with HoloPatch® has a similar appearance to hologram seals. It provides a security mark which is visible from a distance, allowing a security guard or colleague to easily verify badge authenticity.

But… what next?

With the advent of GDPR in Europe and heightened protection of personal data throughout the world, how information is used, stored and disposed of is an increasing concern. Up until this point, print jobs have currently been only stored in RAM which is volatile storage: we’ve now gone a step further and we erase the print job RAM buffer as soon as the card has been printed.

With this, our latest device, the Magicard 600 boasts digital shreddingTM. That means that once data has been used for the print job, it is fragmented, rendering it irrecoverable, helping to ensure the printer is not a repository for data. Data disappears as soon as the printer is powered off and no customer data is cached.

On top of this, we’ve introduced threat benchmarking to the Magicard 600 where we run security scans against the comprehensive vulnerability assessment tool, Nessus Pro and push regular updates to the device, ensuring that the printer software and associated system configuration conform to the highest levels of security.

As we’ve said before, we’re all about security and we’re always looking for ways to meet your particular requirements wherever you are on the security scale.