Are ID cards right for you?

Written By John Fieldsend
Are ID cards right for you

ID cards can be used across multiple applications to improve efficiency and productivity, and most importantly, to protect and secure your organisation – whether Corporate, Government, Education, Healthcare, Transport and more. But are ID cards right for you?

Firstly, in what circumstances would you need to prove you are who you say you are? There are a number of scenarios:

  • Visual identity – you are who you purport to be
  • Physical access – you have the right to be in the building
  • Logical access – you have the right to access particular -sometimes sensitive – information held digitally
  • Time and attendance – you want to improve productivity and security by tracking staff /pupil movements
  • Loyalty and membership – you want access to particular facilities, rewards and benefits
  • Payments – you want to buy goods and services electronically

Why an ID card?

ID cards as a form of ID have a lot going for them:

  • They’re portable – you can carry them in your pocket, or on a lanyard
  • They’re efficient – with one glance you can identify if the holder is who they say there are
  • They can be issued quickly – individually-tailored and programmed cards can be printed in just a few seconds
  • They are secure – depending on how you’re using the card, you can apply different levels of security given the right tools

Making the right choice

So ID cards are the way forward. Now, which printer is right for you? Consider:

  • Security -what’s appropriate to your requirements? Visual ID, watermarks, digital shredding, threat benchmarking?
  • Durability -If it’s a magnetic stripe card, how many times is it going to be swiped each day? Will the card be exposed to extremes of temperatures? Will it be used outside? How essential is the quality of print /image?
  • Speed and volume -Do you need to print single cards ad-hoc and on demand or are you looking for regular large batch prints? Do they need to be single or double-sided? Are you printing in colour or monochrome? How important is print quality?
  • Scalability -Do you foresee an increase in volume as your organisation grows? Do you want the option to add functionality or remove it as needs change at different times of the year? Will you need to issue different levels of security to different sections of your workforce?