Applications for ID #3: ID cards in Government

Written By John Fieldsend
Applications for ID Government
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In this, the 3rd of our series on how ID cards are used across different industries, we’re looking at Government where the main challenges surround:

  • Improving security: Make it harder for people to gain access to places they’re not entitled to
  • Protecting rights: Make it easier for eligible citizens to access rights and benefits
  • Improving efficiency: Issue accurate proof of identity quickly and easily

Being able to identify ourselves using a reputable, recognisable method is essential to everyday life.

There are a number of ways in which government authorities can leverage the power of identity.

Photo ID

One of the most common uses of ID cards is for the identification and authentication of citizens to access rights or benefits in society. This can range from voter IDs in emerging democracies through to multi-application national ID cards used to cross borders. Many state or federally issued driver’s licenses are printed locally on desktop retransfer printers. High levels of visual or electronic security are a fundamental tenet of an effective citizen ID and can range from electronic keys stored on the smart card’s chip to visual security elements including holograms, UV printed images and Magicard’s HoloKote watermark.

Physical access

Protecting access to secure government facilities and infrastructure is important to protect critical functions and to counter disruptive threats in today’s World. As one of the largest employers in most societies, federal, local and district governments use physical access control and the issuance of secure ID cards to ensure that only those individuals who are permitted to be in specific facilities are granted access.

Logical access

Access to information is a fundamental citizen’s right in a functioning democratic society. Locally or nationally-issued citizen ID cards can be used to help gain access to general information such as e-learning resources, community events or available benefits. A smart card with the appropriate secure keys and logical access application can also be used online by citizens to access, update or amend personal information held about themselves by government organisations.

Our products allow world governments to provide ID management and solutions for their citizens. From national ID cards through to driver’s licenses, migration and temporary residence identity cards, we are able to help to produce cards that provide people with an identity and which the authorities can trust.

There are already various governments around the globe who have already started using our products to create national ID cards for their residents. Rewritable temporary residence cards are already being produced to monitor the number of citizens living and working in specific areas of China. Other countries have installed our printers to aid with the creation and launch of a new national ID scheme which allows government officials to understand the socio-economic status of every person in their country.

Our secure printers give governments confidence they are producing identity cards impossible to copy. We can protect cardholders from fraud and identity theft with a simple card security feature such as HoloKotelink, which prints a secure watermark on the card’s surface, preventing anyone with an ID card printer from making any duplications.

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