Whitepaper: The menace of fake IDs

Written By John Fieldsend
The menace of fake IDs

Fake IDs are a lucrative business, fuelled by the anonymity that the internet and social media afford. A good quality forged document with secure elements, such as a hologram and UV features, of a genuine ID can be obtained at a reasonable price, at the mere click of a button.

Across the world, governments and businesses are investing resources in introducing anti-counterfeiting features such as lamination, digital photos, colour-coded cards and accessories, barcodes, ultraviolet (UV) or fluorescent  printing, ghost images, micro text printing, magnetic stripes, smart cards, secure watermarks and holograms that make identity documents more secure.

Organisations must provide their employees with the right training to help them spot even the best counterfeit IDs, especially because banks, shops, pubs and other businesses typically don’t possess card readers and other equipment to spot fake IDs and employees may not possess the guile or suspicious nature to automatically question ID holders.

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21st May 2020