Transforming states’ road transport

Written By John Fieldsend
Driving license

When a government mandate was issued to transition from paper-based travel documents to Smart Card-based Driving Licences and Vehicle Registration Certificates, the idea was to curb malpractice such as forged licenses and unauthentic entries in vehicles’ registration books.

It was a mammoth project that would completely transform the states’ road transport scenarios.

It would increase efficiency in the Transport Department by:

  • Introducing time-bound issuance and delivery of Driving Licences (DL) and Vehicle Registration Certificates (VRC) to citizens
  • Minimising foot fall of citizens in the Road Transport Offices (RTOs)
  • Cross-verifying the address of the applicant by delivering the DL and VRC at the doorstep of the applicants
  • Ensuring on time Data and Management Information Services (MIS) to the Department
  • Prevention of fake issuance of DL and VRC
  • Increasing transparency in the overall functioning of the Department


The bid document specified a number of mandatory requirements for the Smart Cards printer such as assuring a resolution of 300 dpi or higher and a print speed of 30 seconds per side or higher. The printer had to be capable of Smart Card electronic personalisation in a single pass with edge-to-edge printing. Additionally, the Smart Card encoder within the printer had to be factory standard for PC to Smart Card Reader interface, ISO 7816 compliant and support 3V chip card with T=0 and T=1 protocol.


The Enduro 3E Duo Smart Printer from Magicard met all these specifications and more. Various state departments floated their respective tenders soliciting bids following which, Rosmerta Technologies was selected as the vendor to implement the project and successfully installed close to 300 printers. The project is being run on a Build-Operate-Transfer model with monthly print volumes ranging between 200,000 to 400,000 units!


So far, one of the major benefits of the Smart Card driving licences has been cutting down the turnaround time – applicants receive the licence in a very tight timeframe and with all data such as their biometrics, signature and photograph digitally stored on the card’s chip, it is forgery proof and completely authentic.

Be it the vehicle owners, traffic police or state road transport departments, these Smart Cards have been a win-win for everyone concerned.

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