Magicard strives to promote British manufacturing

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Written By John Fieldsend

Magicard Ltd and Made in Britain have come together to promote British manufacturing.

promote British manufacturingThe UK’s leading ID card printers manufacturer, Magicard Ltd, has teamed up with Made in Britain to welcome new members to the British manufacturing directory.

All new members of the Made in Britain organisation will now receive membership cards printed using Magicard’s flagship ID card printer, the Rio Pro.

Magicard is a British manufacturing success story. Tens of thousands of Magicard printers are shipped from its Dorset manufacturing centre to more than 100 countries around the World each year. Magicard printers are used to print millions of secure ID cards every year, including Drivers Licences and National ID cards.

Simon Craddock, Chief Marketing Officer at Magicard said:

“We’re proud to be a British manufacturer so we are happy to endorse the new membership card campaign with Made in Britain.

“The Made in Britain mark on our products is a strong differentiator in our global markets – where trust and security are important factors.”

The Made in Britain mark aids the promotion of British manufacturers in global and markets, showcases them to similar companies and help them to work together and build their success.

Made in Britain Chief Executive John Pearce, said:

“Our members care about sustainability and the carbon footprint of the products they make, especially when competing products might be coming from 1000s of miles away.

“By collaborating with Made in Britain in this way, Magicard are helping us to convince buyers, specifiers and consumers that you don’t have to go to the Far East to source great products. You can buy them in the UK from a Made in Britain member.”