Rio Pro Secure card printer

Featuring locking input and output hoppers and fitted with inline magnetic stripe and EMV chip encoders, the Rio Pro Secure is ideal for the desktop personalisation of pre-printed financial cards.

Electronic data can be written to the card in line with the printing of customer and account details. A secure watermark can also be printed on the surface of the card featuring a specific security design or the issuing organization’s logo.

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Card printer options:

Card encoding options:

Printer model number:

rio pro secure with lockable card input and output hoppers

Secure your localised credential issuance

The Magicard Rio Pro Secure features an opaque, lockable input hopper to secure blank cards. A secondary lock prevents the printer from being opened by unauthorised personnel and secures the opaque output stacker hopper. A locking port designed into the base attaches the issuance station to any fixed location.

Print secure custom watermark on your id cards

Your company logo as a card security feature

Included with all Magicard printers, HoloKote® is patented technology that frosts a secure watermark onto the card’s surface during printing. The Magicard Rio Pro Secure offers the option of customising this watermark to your organisation’s unique logo or security design.

the rio pro secure can print magnetic stripe smart chip and emv cards

Trusted electronic security

The Magicard Rio Pro Secure can be equipped with a range of card encoding devices to write secure electronic data to cards at the point of issuance. Smart card encoding options include contact chip, MIFARE®, DESFire® and iClass®. Specialist high-security encoders, such as EMV accredited devices, can also be fitted for the inline personalisation of payment cards. The Rio Pro Secure can also be supplied with a magnetic stripe encoder built-in.

Full ICC color ID cards support

Vibrant colours in every print

The Magicard Rio Pro Secure uses colour profiles determined by International Colour Consortium (ICC) to ensure that the image you see on screen is the one you hold in your hands after it is printed. The easy-to-use driver interface also enables you to fine-tune colours to get an exact match for your corporate identity.

3 years UCP icon

Backed by the industry’s best 3 year warranty*

Magicard Rio Pro Secure with UltraCoverPlus – our promise to keep you printing.

The reliability of our well-established print engine enables us to offer you a comprehensive 3 year warranty with full telephone and online support. This includes a free replacement for any printhead damaged over the lifetime of the warranty. In the unlikely event of a field failure, we will send you a replacement loan printer whilst we repair your existing device.

*Available in the EU, North America and other selected territories.
Elsewhere 1 year minimum limited depot warranty.

Rio Pro Secure specifications


  • Printing performance

    >150 full colour cards
    per hour

  • Card capacity

    100 cards input
    70 cards output

  • Warranty*

    3 year UltraCoverPlus
    with hot swap printer

  • Visual Security

    Standard or custom
    HoloKote® watermark

  • Operating systems

    Windows and Mac OS


PrinterDetailsProduct code
Print technology300dpi colour dye sublimation, monochrome, thermal rewritable
Printer securityLocking input hopper, locking lid and secured output stacker cover
Feed systemManual and hopper fed
Card capacity100 input / 70 output (lockable)
Rewritable printing
Single-sided printing3652-9010
Double-sided printing3652-9030
Print speedDetails 
Colour> 150 cards per hour
Monochrome> 500 cards per hour
3 year UltraCoverPlus*Includes telephone support, full printhead coverage and loaner service.
*Available in North America, EU and other selected territories. Elsewhere a minimum of 1 year limited depot warranty.
Accepted card dimensionsDetails 
Card sizesISO CR80 85.6mm x 54mm / 3.375″ x 2.125″
ISO CR79 83.9mm x 51mm / 3.303″ x 2.051″
Card thickness0.51mm to 1.02mm / 0.020” to 0.040”
Physical specificationsDetails 
Printer weight4.9kg / 10.8 lbs
Printer sizeLength: 470mm / 18.5″ Width: 220mm / 8.6″ Height: 250mm / 9.8″
Environmental operating range10°C to 30°C / 50°F to 85°F
Power sourceExternal power supply 100-240V 50-60Hz.
Connectivity and driversDetails 
Operating systemsWindows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10 (32 and 64bit)
Windows server 2003 R2 SP2, 2008, 2012, 2016
GNU/Linux and Mac OS X 10.9.0 onwards
USB connectionUSB rev1.1 and USB 2.0
Ethernet connectionAs standard
Optional visual securityDetailsProduct code
HoloKote security watermark – standardx5
HoloKote security watermark – customKit contains a CD to install the data and a Custom HoloKote card that fits into your printer.
HoloPatch cardsOne area of the HoloKote watermark is highlighted on the card as a high visibility security sealM9006-796
Encoding optionsDetails 
Magnetic stripe encodingISO 7811 – tracks 1, 2 and 3, JIS2
Smart card encodingContact chip, MIFARE®, DESFire® and iClass®. Other encoders available, see encoder compatibility matrix
Printer variantsDetailsProduct code
Rio Pro Secure UnoSingle-sided ID card printer3652-9010
Rio Pro Secure Uno magSingle-sided ID card printer with magnetic stripe encoder3652-9011
Rio Pro Secure Uno smartSingle-sided ID card printer with smart card encoder3652-9012
Rio Pro Secure Uno mag and smartSingle-sided ID card printer with smart card and magnetic stripe encoders3652-9013
Rio Pro Secure DuoDouble-sided Duo ID card printer3652-9030
Rio Pro Secure Duo magDouble-sided ID card printer with magnetic stripe encoder3652-9031
Rio Pro Secure Duo smartDouble-sided card printer with smart card encoder3652-9032
Rio Pro Secure Duo mag and smartDouble-sided card printer with smart card and magnetic stripe encoders3652-9033
UpgradesDetailsProduct code
Single to double-sided printing kitUpgrade the single-sided Rio Pro Secure to the Rio Pro Secure Duo3652-0052
Logical securityPassword protected electronic lock (on request for special projects)
Custom HoloKote kitKit contains a CD to install the data and a Custom HoloKote activation card that fits into your printerHoloFlexSet / HoloSet

Rio Pro Secure solutions

  • Government

    The Rio Pro Secure’s locking features combined with its Custom HoloKote watermark feature make it suitable for the secure localised issuance of government IDs such as driver’s licences.

    Read moreIndustry

  • Payments

    Payment cards can be securely printed and encoded instantly, in-branch using the Rio Pro Secure fitted with an in-line EMV encoder.

    Read moreApplication

Rio Pro Secure consumables

 Product codeDetailsCapacity
Colour dye film MA100YMCKO5 panel colour dye film – YMCKO100 images
MA300YMCKO5 panel colour dye film – YMCKO300 images
MA250YMCKOK5 panel colour with black on reverse – YMCKOK250 images
Monochrome dye film MA600KO2 panel black monochrome dye film + overcoat600 images
MA1000K-BlackBlack monochrome dye film1000 images
MA1000K-BlueBlue monochrome dye film1000 images
MA1000K-GoldGold monochrome dye film1000 images
MA1000K-GreenGreen monochrome dye film1000 images
MA1000K-RedRed monochrome dye film1000 images
MA1000K-SilverSilver monochrome dye film1000 images
MA1000K-WhiteWhite monochrome dye film1000 images
Cleaning kits 3633-0053Rio Pro cleaning kit10 cards, 1 pen
3633-0054Rio Pro roller cleaning kit5 sleeves, 1 roller bar
UltraSecure cards 125 KHz Proximity
Contact chip
MIFARE Classic®
SMA Proximity
Blank cards M9006-793Premium blank white cards – CR80
M9006-794Blank white cards with magnetic stripe – CR80
M9006-796HoloPatch® blank white cards with gold seal – CR80
M9006-797HoloPatch® blank white cards with gold seal and magnetic stripe – CR80
M3610-054Self-adhesive blank white cards – CR80 (USA)
M9007-011Self-adhesive blank white cards – CR80
Printer upgrades HOLOSETCustom HoloKote kit
3633-0052Rio Pro double-sided upgrade kit