The smallest, fastest, best quality ID card printer in its class; the Pronto 100 is a ground-breaking device optimised with Clix remote user management which delivers on Magicard’s environmental promise

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In addition to printing 3 standard HoloKote(R) designs, the Pronto100 is equipped with Magicard’s ‘Digital Shredding’ function which renders data sent to the printer unreadable after use, contributing to users’ data security and enhancing compliance with GDPR.

High speed and photo quality

The Pronto100 offers the highest speed in the smallest package available today: Photo quality colour: 23 seconds (Standard), 18 seconds (High-Speed) /Monochrome: 4.7 seconds

User management

The Clix remote user interface helps you manage all aspects of printer set-up, maintenance, diagnostics and operation. It allows management of supplies and enables proactive ordering mechanisms to be established.

Focus on the environment

The Pronto100 marks the start of Magicard’s move towards devices which have a high level of designed-in recyclability, manufactured and packaged from over 75% recycled or recyclable material.

Pronto100 specifications

Printer Details  
Print mode Colour dye sublimation, monochrome thermal printing and rewritable technology.
Feed system Hopper
Rewritable printing True
Single-sided printing True
Print Speed – single sided Details  
Photo Quality Colour: 23 seconds per card / 157 cards per hour
High Speed Quality Colour: 18 seconds per card / 200 cards per hour
Monochrome: 4.7 seconds per card / 766 cards per hour
Card capacity Details  
Input 50 input card feeder/hopper
Output 50 output card stacker/hopper
Connectivity and drivers Details  
Operating systems Win 10 / Win 8.1 / Win 8 / Win 7 (SP1) , both 32 / 64 Bit Windows Server 2016 (64 bit) / 2012 (64 bit) / 2008 R2 (SP1) (64 bit) / 2003 R2 (SP2) (32 bit) macOS Mojave 10.14.6 onwards
USB connection High Speed USB 2.0, USB 3.0 compatible – Type B
Ethernet 10/100 Ethernet
Warranty Details  
3 years 3 years limited warranty with direct access to the global Magicard technical support team. – Available in North America, EU and other selected territories.
Visual security Details  
Standard HoloKote A choice of 3 standard designs
HoloPatch cards Use HoloKote with HoloPatch for a highly-visible gold seal on the card
Accepted card dimensions Details  
Card sizes ISO CR80 85.6mm x 54mm / 3.375″ x 2.125″
ISO CR79 83.9mm x 51mm / 3.303″ x 2.051″
Card thickness 0.51mm to 1.02mm / 20mil to 40mil
Physical specifications Details  
Printer weight 2.9kg /6.3lbs
Printer size (closed input/output trays) 255mm L x 180mm W x 208mm H / 10” L x 7” W x 8.2” H
Printer size (open input/output trays) 309mm L x 180mm W x 208mm H / 12.2” L x 7” W x 8.2” H
Environmental operating range Sheltered office environment 10°C to 30°C / 50°F to 85°F
Power source 24V DC external power supply
Printer variants Details Product code
Pronto 100 Single-sided printer 3100-0001

Pronto100 consumables

  Product code Details Capacity
Colour dye film MD100YMCKO/2 Pronto100 YMCKO dye film 100
MD100YMCKO/3 Pronto100 YMCKO dye film 100
Monochrome dye film MA1000K Pronto100 KO film 1000
Blank cards M9006-794 Blank white cards with magnetic stripe – CR80
M9006-796 HoloPatch® blank white cards with gold seal – CR80
M9006-797 HoloPatch® blank white cards with gold seal and magnetic stripe – CR80
M9006-793 Premium blank white cards – CR80
M9007-011 Self-adhesive blank white cards – CR80
Cleaning kits E9100 Pronto100 Cleaning kit – 10 cleaning cards, 1 pen. 10
E9310 Pronto100 cleaning card 1

Pronto100 solutions

  • Events

    The Pronto100’s portability makes it ideal for card issuance out in the field. At events it is used for badging delegates, exhibitors and contractors, often at the point of entry.

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  • Loyalty and membership

    The Pronto100 is widely used for the instant issuance of loyalty cards in-store. Rewrite cards can be used to record points for each purchase, with the total erased and rewritten on each customer visit.

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Compare printers

Printer Cards per hour Input / output Warranty Visual security System requirements
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Enduro3E 100+ 100 / 30 3 year limited Standard Windows / macOS
Pronto 1 card per 35s Hand-fed 2 year limited Standard Windows / macOS
Magicard 600 190 100 /70 3 years MagiCoverPlus 10 custom HoloKotes Windows / macOS
Magicard 300 156 100 /70 3-year MagiCover Limited 4 custom HoloKotes Windows / macOS
Pronto100 157 50/50 3 years limited Standard Windows / macOS
Reverse transfer printers
Ultima 100+ 200 / 200 3 year UltraCoverPlus Custom and standard Windows / macOS
Prima 8 100+ 100 / 100 3 year UltraCoverPlus UV Windows
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