ID card printers: making the right choice. #4 Scalability

Written By John Fieldsend
News and updates, summer 2019

It’s always worth taking a moment to consider what kind of ID card printer will suit your needs – not only now, but in the future. Do you foresee an increase in volume as your organisation grows? Do you want the option to add functionality or remove it as needs change at different times of the year? Will you need to issue different levels of security to different sections of your workforce?

It’s good to bear in mind in what other ways an ID card can be used. Having multi-function technology cards /PACS offering cross-system compatibility avoids opening-up weak points in security infrastructure. This also helps protect existing tech investments. On that note, ensure that the printer you select is compatible with your organisation’s operating system!

Look for modular, field-upgradable solutions which allow you to:

  • Upgrade from single- to double-sided printing
  • add features which allow you to take advantage of technology improvements such as smart card encoding and upgrades.
  • accommodate adding a magnetic stripe
  • allow for new security and card personalisation requirements such as HoloKotes® and UV fluorescence

Always be sure to have support from ID security experts backed up by proven quality and solid warranties.

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