Dye Film Warning


Over the last 12 months, we have had a number of reports of old, out of warranty, and even examples of counterfeit, Magicard dye-film.

There is a concern that users of Magicard printers are unknowingly purchasing dye-film that will produce poor qual

ity prints when compared to genuine Magicard film and can even damage the printer.

The film most commonly replicated or falsely sold as new is Magicard’s MA300YMCKO film.  MB and MC films for the Magicard 600 and Magicard 300 respectively are not currently affected, nor is MN film for the Magicard NEO range of printers.

There are ways, however, where you, our customers, can keep your printers secure from counterfeit or out of warranty Magicard dye-films.

  • First, on legitimate Magicard dye-film in the USA, you will see the serial number is 11 digits long and always starts with a C. We are noticing that many illicit films are coming onto the market with stickers that include a 7-digit serial number.
  • Many of the boxes, and sometimes even the dye-film inside are arriving damaged. Magicard and our dealers will never sell you anything less than a perfect product.
  • Further to this, there have been various reports that counterfeit dye-films can produce a ‘gutter’ on each card print, so if you’re finding a severe decrease in the quality of prints coming from your Magicard printer, make sure you contact your dealer immediately.
  • It is important to note that secondhand film, or film which is not sold by Magicard or an official dealer, is not covered by our market-leading warranty so buyers must be aware of the source of their film.

Magicard would like to take this opportunity to emphasize that any dye-film purchased from a Certified Magicard Dealer will always be appropriate for your printer, brand new, in date, and regionalized so you know you’re going to receive the best quality dye-film.

Magicard has a network of trusted Dealers all over the World and we encourage all Magicard users to purchase their consumables from the dealer who sold them their printer rather than uncertified dealers to ensure they are receiving the best quality of products and service available.

To find out who your nearest Certified Magicard Dealer is, contact us. Or see our list of partners here.

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