Caring for your Ultima retransfer printer

Written By John Fieldsend
Magicard Ultima

Powered by a high-grade processing unit with an impressive array of features, Ultima is ideal for the localised or centralised issue of high volumes of secure smart cards. With this in mind, here are our top tips for getting the best from your new printer

Caring for your Ultima retransfer printerWith this in mind, here are our top tips for getting the best from your new printer:

Keep your printer’s film cassettes with your printer and avoid swapping them into another. Each printer has been calibrated for use with its own specific, dedicated film cassettes.

Set the image size in your printing application to 1036 x 664 pixels to ensure optimal over-the-edge printing. The reverse transfer printing process produces an image that is slightly larger than the card on to which the image is applied so this setting allows for this feature.

Use the right cards for best results. The Magicard Ultima can accept a number of different card materials including, PVC, PET, PC, PVH and ABS. However, if printing single sided images we recommend using PET core cards to minimise any card bend. We’ve included a free sample of 100 PET core cards with this printer. To order more of these cards, please contact your dealer and quote part number M9007-383.

Make allowance for the first 3-5 cards after you have fitted a new film ribbon. There will be a short period of stabilisation to establish optimum printing results.

Clean your printer regularly – at least each time a new film set is fitted. Cleanliness inside any printer is important, but this is particularly true for a reverse transfer printer as any dust which finds its way onto the card or film surface will become laminated into the finished card. To maintain your warranty, only Magicard OEM cleaning materials should be used. A cleaning kit is included with your printer: quote part number E9887 when reordering from your dealer.

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6th May 2020