Are crowds as safe as we would expect?

Written By John Fieldsend
Magicard Article

One of the issues we at Magicard are most concerned about when it comes to the question of ‘personnel identification’ is personal security; a subject that is often thrown into sharp relief by accidents and atrocities across the World.

Wherever people congregate there is potential for incident: and as summer approaches my mind turns to the various concerts and sporting event which I plan to attend. With this in mind, I was interested to read, in the latest (May) edition of Professional Security Magazine, an article reflecting on security firms and their staff with reference to large-scale events such as the various music festivals that take place around the World.

In the article, one spokesman stated there has been a decline in the number of firms and qualified staff available to secure these events. Alarmingly, he also stated that there were many instances of sub-contractors turning up to work at events wearing badges that were clearly counterfeit.

Taken to its logical conclusion event organisers face a situation where security sub-contractors are using counterfeit badges to pass as fully checked and qualified when the opposite might well be the case. Isn’t this a worry? After all, the security of the general public at events large and small should never be compromised.

With a Magicard printer, it is possible to easily protect your ID badges from fraudulent activity. Magicard’s HoloKote watermark technology makes it harder for fraudsters to copy the badges of qualified and fully checked staff with The Rio Pro 360, Magicard’s latest printer, allowing users to create up to ten personalised HoloKotes to cover different teams, locations or skillsets as required.

We recognise that in the excitement (or hard graft!) of organising an event it is possible to forget the importance of having a staff ID badge which is hard to forge. However, it is of vital importance since event organisers must be confident that their business remains not only reputable but crucially also safe by only employing people who know what they’re doing, are fully trained, checked out and approved.

Applying HoloKote technology is one simple way of making sure that staff ID badges are next to impossible to copy. A moment spent on this could actually play a significant part in either preventing an attack or reducing the chance of having unqualified personnel on scene during an accident which would, in turn, damage any company’s reputation and leaves members of the public open to harm.

I would love to hear your thoughts on whether or not improving badging security would impact on your perception of the safety of an event (whether musical, sporting, cultural or of any type) and what you think of this issue.