5 must have features for your school ID badges

Written By John Fieldsend
5 must have features for your school ID badges

When it comes to ID badges, designs are going to vary from school to school. However, there are some best practices to keep in mind when designing your next set of credentials


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BRANDING: Make it yours! Use your school’s logo, colours and even a background photo to make your ID unique

FUNCTIONALITY: Adding a barcode or magnetic stripe to your cards allows them to be used to open doors and process payments.

SERIAL NUMBER: Serial numbers are a great way to track cards in your system, but they can also help identify unauthorised or forged cards.

PHOTOGRAPH: Don’t skimp on quality – hire a professional to take portraits to ensure your photos are up to par.

SECURITY: Use HoloPatch® cards and/or add a HoloKote watermark on your cards to help prevent counterfeiting.