UltraSecure Multi-technology cards

Multiple card technologies can be combined on one single UltraSecure card. This enables the seamless migration of an access control system from, for example, magnetic stripe communications to high security SMA proximity. Multi-technology cards are also a flexible solution for an access control system containing more than one type of communication interface or for interoperability between sites and systems.

The ideal access card

Cards are the key to security. UltraSecure cards are engineered to withstand years of everyday use. UltraSecure cards are built for personalisation. They were developed with a smooth PVC surface with minimal chip deflection so every card looks great, no matter how it’s printed. Manufactured at facilities certified by ISO 9001, Visa®, and MasterCard®, UltraSecure credentials have lower failure rates and higher system integrity than other proximity card alternatives. Available with both PVC and durable PET composite construction, UltraSecure cards are built to last. PET composite is stronger than pure PVC so it resists warping, cracking and yellowing over a long life cycle. UltraSecure proximity cards are also available in multi-technology formats including magnetic stripe and MIFARE®.

Industry leading delivery and service

Global manufacturing and personalisation hubs get UltraSecure cards to your door quickly, with no backlog or minimum order requirements. UltraSecure is backed by a commitment to service with free training, an experienced staff of ID security experts and a dedicated network of resellers. Every UltraSecure product is guaranteed for life. This means free phone and email support for all customers, including complimentary replacement of production damaged or defective cards for as long as the card is in use.

ConstructionISO 7810 CR80 printable
MaterialPVC or PET/PVC composite
Frequency125 KHz
 13.56 MHz
 DESFire EV1®
 ISO 7816
 PC / SC
 ISO 14443 Type A/B
 Hi-Co magnetic stripe
Compatibility26 bit H10301, EM4100 readers, Flexpass®, Indala®
 32 bit H10320, Kantech®
 33 bit D10202, DSX Prox cards
 34 bit H10306, N10002
 35 bit H50040, Corporate 1000®
 36 bit C15001, KEYSCAN®, HID Europlex® HID Simplex®
 37 bit I10304, H10302, Custom format: 2-digit Facility + 10 digit UID H10304
 40 bit C10106, CASI Rusco®, Honeywell®
EncryptionTriple DES, 128 bit AES
  • Corporate

    Medium to larger enterprises might use multi-technology cards so that employees only carry one ID card for access not only to buildings, but also to networks, to link to time and attendance systems and in some cases, for payments/discounts at the staff canteen.

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  • Physical access

    Multi-technology cards can be loaded with a physical access control application for protecting access to buildings and facilities.

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  • Government

    Multi-technology cards are ideal for diverse government ID card schemes, where the card might be used for a number of different secure applications.

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  • Payments

    Contact/contactless credit cards – where the contactless feature is used for small, quick payments are a good example of a multi-technology card.

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  • Education

    Multi-technology cards are popular for educational campuses where students might use the card for both physical and logical access, time and attendance and even payments.

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  • Logical access

    Multi-technology cards can be loaded with a logical access control application for protecting access to data and networks.

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  • Facilities

    Critical facilities would use multi-technology cards for highly secure access control combined with other card applications.

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  • Time and attendance

    UltraSecure multi-technology cards can be linked to a time and attendance system to monitor when employees start and stop work, and often the department where the work is undertaken.

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  • Data

    The memory of the multi-technology ID card can be used to store data, ranging from simple name and address details to biometric templates, photographs and more detailed personal information.

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Compare cards

 125 KHz ProximitySMA ProximityMIFARE ClassicMIFARE DESFire EV1Contact chipMulti-technology
Security level
Physical access
Logical access
EncryptionHexadecimalProprietaryProprietaryAES and 3DESAES and 3DES and moreAES and 3DES and more
Proximity compatible
Card memoryUp to 40bitsUp to 1KB1KBUp to 8KBUp to 1GBUp to 1GB
UltraSecure delivery window24 hours*24 hours*48 hours*1 week*1-2 weeks*1-2 weeks
Typical supplier delivery window2-3 weeks*2-3 weeks*2-3 weeks*1-2 weeks*3-4 weeks*3-4 weeks
Estimated cost level$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

*custom programmed cards