Print food safe, eye-catching and durable price cards

PriceCardPro is a seamless system for printing food safe, eye-catching and durable price cards and labels in-store and on demand. Creating food labels can be time consuming and the results can be unappealing and inconsistent. Handwritten laminated paper labels often peel apart, stain or discolour easily and the fibres can even contaminate food products. You have plenty to think about during your working day; don’t waste time handwriting labels when you could be creating new product ranges and keeping your customers happy.

Now there is an easier way.

PriceCardPro is a seamless system for printing professional, hygienic and durable price cards in three simple steps:

1. Select a pre-defined card template;
2. Add your brand, product name, price, description and any allergen and/or mandated nutritional information;
3. Hit print and in less than 10 seconds your wipe clean, high quality price card will be ready for display.



PriceCardPro reflects the quality of your products and makes them even more attractive to your customers. Keep your style consistent using the templates, fonts and colors available. Try white or metallic print on a black card or full color on a white card. Print on credit-card sized labels or with PriceCardPro Flex+ print larger cards up to 5.51″ long to maximise visual impact. It’s easy to update at any time.

On demand

Last minute change of display or trying a new product? No problem, PriceCardPro can print labels on demand and in-store with just a few clicks -even if you are not used to using computers.


Meet regulations for allergen and nutritional information: keep your customers informed. The templates provided with PriceCardPro software include all major allergen symbols so you can assure compliance with legislation such as that introduced by the EU Food Information for Consumers Regulation and the FDA.


Not only are the cards you will produce with PriceCardPro eye-catching and clear, they are wipe-clean as well as resistant to temperature fluctuations and moisture – safe to use with fresh food displays. The materials used in PriceCardPro labels have been accredited by ISEGA as food safe.

The PriceCardPro range

PriceCardPro range


The PriceCardPro FLEX+ and 100 printers are here to make sure you are able to create price tags quickly and easily with a range of sizes and styles.





PriceCardPro FLEX+: attract and inform your customers

The longer-length card allows you to display all mandated nutritional information for individual products such as allergens giving your customers confidence in their choices. PriceCardPro FLEX+ also accommodates standard credit-card sized labels and can print double-sided.




PriceCardPro 100: maximize your impact

Simple full color and monochrome single-sided printing for credit card-sized labels.





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PriceCardPro 100

The smallest, fastest, cost-effective label printing solution.

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PriceCardPro Flex+

The longer-length card accommodates all mandated nutritional information for individual products such as allergens.

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PriceCardPro range

Discover your options when it comes to eye-catching, food-safe, on demand and compliant labeling.

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