Non-genuine Magicard film

It has been brought to our attention that some resellers are offering Chinese-made dye film which is branded as Magicard-compatible. You should be aware that this film is not approved by Magicard and as such may void your product warranty.

Every Magicard printer is designed to operate with a specific dye film. We are very proud of our longstanding commitment to quality and only work with dye-film manufacturers who meet our specifications for both quality and consistency. We provide a best-in-class warranty on all printers and film purchased through authorised suppliers which are sold in original Magicard packaging.

If the dye film you are using is not in Magicard packaging and has not been sourced from an approved supplier (, then you may see a reduction in the quality of your printing and you may experience ongoing operational issues with your printers.

Please note that use of such film will also mean you are not covered by the Magicard’s world-class warranty for the film and usage of this film will invalidate the warranty applicable to your device.

If in doubt as to whether your dye-film is a genuine Magicard product please contact your approved supplier ( or Magicard’s technical support team (mailto: