TrustID Classic

User friendly and with all the tools to design and print ID cards.


  • Drag and drop card builder
    with comprehensive tools
  • Predefined/custom templates
  • 200 record internal database
  • Magnetic stripe encoding
  • Supported system: Windows®
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Create ID cards in a few clicks


TrustID is quick and easy to manage. Drag and drop interfaces, point and click data entry and real-time card previews enable you to focus on your people not your software, so you’ll be printing professional ID cards in no time.

No design or database knowledge required

With TrustID, you won’t spend all day designing badges. Drag and drop to build, no complex menus or training required. Integrated backgrounds and dynamic objects let you reproduce a card in seconds, or create one that’s all your own.

500x350px any printer

TrustID works with any printer, any card

TrustID is engineered to work with any ID card printer. Text is crisp and images are vibrant. The software can also be used to encode magnetic stripe cards.

500x350px barcodes 1

Create dynamic QR codes and barcodes

Full barcode support comes as standard with every edition. TrustID dynamically generates more than 60 types of barcodes including QR codes, Code 39 and UPC.

500x350px camera support2

Advanced camera and asset support

Capture and edit photos, fingerprints and signatures without leaving the program. Use your webcam or digital camera directly from TrustID to help you get the perfect shot every time.

500x350px Live preview Pronto

See a live preview of every card

TrustID gives a real time preview of every card during data entry so what you see is what you get. TrustID also monitors your connected printers in real time, so you know how many cards have printed, prints remaining, and when a printer needs to be cleaned.

Compare TrustID editions

 ClassicProPro Smart
Badge design
Issues plastic badges and plastic ID cards
Drag and drop card designer
Conditional elements and layers
Rich text formatting
Photo capture and editing tools
Import images
Multiple layers
Logo ghosting/opacity
Alignment and formatting guides
Predefined sample card templates
User defined card templatesX
Auto-numbers (serial numbers)X
Date and timeX
Create custom drop-down listsX
Integrated fingerprint captureX
Integrated signature captureX
EncodingClassicProPro Smart
QR codes and barcodes with 60+ integrated barcodes
Magnetic stripe encoding
Smart card encoding :
– MIFARE® Classic® (EV1)XX
– iClass®XX
DatabaseClassicProPro Smart
Internal databaseLimited to 200 recordsUnlimitedUnlimited
Rea time card preview
Integrated database editor
Add custom and composite database fields
Stand-alone internal database
Import CSV and text database files
Import/export database records
Export card preview image
Single database (with a single card design)XX
Multiple databases (each with its own card design)X
Database backupsX
MS Access connectivityXX
MS Excel connectivityXX
SQL connectivityXX
PrintingClassicProPro Smart
Print to any plastic card printer
Label templates and printer support
Live preview
Automatic colour engine with black (K) filtering
Double-sided printing
Batch printing
ReportsClassicProPro Smart
Over 40 standard reportsX
Integrated reportingX
Custom reportsX
SecurityClassicProPro Smart
User account managementX
Administrator controlled accessX
Password protectionX

Frequently asked questions

System Requirements: Intel© Core i3™ or higher, 2GB RAM (4GB or higher recommended), 256MB video RAM with DirectX 9 or above hardware support, 1024×768 resolution (1280×1024 or higher recommended), 1GB free hard drive space, Windows XP SP3 or higher.

  • How do I see the status of my card printer?

    TrustID makes viewing the status of your card printer simple.
    Navigate to the >Resources< tab. On the left you will see the status of your active printer under the >Printer Status< heading.You may need to select >Refresh< in order to get the most updated printer status. If your printer is not automatically shown, you may select a different printer using the drop down under >Printer Status<.

  • How do I set up fields for my card?

    Setting up your fields is essential to designing your card. Navigate to the >Data Entry< tab and select >Add/Remove Fields<. Select the fields you would like to use from the menus on the left and select >Add< to make them active.You can add multiple fields at once by holding down the Ctrl button while you select. When you have finished adding fields, you can re-order them using the up/down arrows. Select >OK< to save your field configuration.

  • How do I import my Excel database?

    All versions of TrustID can import CSV format database files.
    To import your Microsoft™ Excel or other spreadsheet file, first save each sheet in .csv format.

    Be sure you have column names setup in Excel correctly, then open the file by clicking the id icon in the top left of the program > Database > Import Database. Select .csv and open the appropriate file.

  • Is TrustID compatible with my card printer?

    TrustID is compatible with all modern USB and Ethernet card printers.
    Chances are, if you can see the printer listed under >Devices and Printers<, you can use it with TrustID.

  • Can I use TrustID on my Mac?

    At the moment, TrustID is not supported for Apple computers. However, we are working on adding this functionality in the near future.

  • Does TrustID support network printing?

    TrustID fully supports network printing. If your printer is registered on the network and visible from >Devices and Printers<, TrustID should be able to print to it.

  • System Requirements for TrustID

    Intel© Core i3™ or higher, 2GB RAM (4GB or higher recommended), 256MB video RAM with DirectX 9 or above hardware support, 1024×768 resolution (1280×1024 or higher recommended), 1GB free hard drive space, Windows XP SP3 or higher