Magicard alert: out of date and out of warranty dye film being offered on e-commerce sites in Europe


It has been brought to our attention that some e-commerce sites are offering out of date and out of warranty Magicard-branded dye film in Europe.

Every Magicard printer has been designed to operate with a specific dye film. As Magicard dye film is regionally-coded, if you are for example, in Europe but buy dye film made for use in South America, it will not work and won’t be covered by your Magicard warranty.

If your dye film has not been sourced from an authorised supplier, you may find a reduction in the quality of your print and experience ongoing operational issues.

Discover what to look out for in this document: Identifying genuine Magicard dye film

***If you discover any out of date Magicard dye film, please notify your local supplier***